WeNaturalists – an Eco-Social Network for nature aficionados launched


 WeNaturalists, an Eco-Social Network, launched a mobile and web application designed for people associated with nature.

WeNaturalists in a statement said that, with the app it aims to bring together organizations, professionals, and enthusiasts who work for nature and everyone passionate about it.

 WeNaturalists will allow users connect and interact with millions of people from around the world. It caters to people from varied backgrounds like rangers, nature guides, environmentalists, conservationists, change specialists, wildlife and nature photographers, researchers, botanists and zoologists, academicians, media professionals, eco-businesses, organizations, institutions, and charities working towards education, conservation and eco-tourism, and many more.

Bringing this community together is the most critical requirement of today, and WeNaturalists is trying to meet that, said the firm in a statement. 

Beside the common social features, the application integrates many specialized tools like Explore, which aggregates global nature news in a single place; Projects, which helps in finding jobs or assignments or attending events or trainings; Experience Showcase, which is a visual timeline of the work done by someone on an assignment in collaboration with multiple people; Causes, where everyone believing in an cause can express opinions, exchange solutions and talk about their work for that cause; Circles, which is an exclusive invite-only community feature for like-minded people to engage; and many more features like forums, polls, private and public messaging rooms.

On the launch of the transformational ecosystem, Amit Banka, Founder & CEO, WeNaturalists said  “WeNaturalists is founded with a sole mission to empower people and their passion for nature, which will lead to a better future for and the coming generations. We need to find a way to coexist and thrive with nature. To achieve this, everyone will have to start talking the same language and work on the same mission – now, more than ever! Hence, this global ecosystem dedicated to nature is the need of the hour. It requires to come together – spread awareness, openly discuss our thoughts, talk about our purpose, share our work, find global solutions, and collaborate with the community to create better opportunities for everyone.”

He added “It is estimated that more than 500mn people and 10mn+ organizations working in the field of nature, conservation, and eco-tourism. More than 850mn people contribute to the causes of nature annually. We realized that with the increasing intensity of the nature crises, there needs to be an ecosystem where all the efforts of this community are recognized, and the impact is magnified on a global stage. WeNaturalists is the first step in this direction.”

Founded in 2019, WeNaturalists began with a simple motive – to give a purpose to people’s passion for nature by empowering them with specialized tools. This ecosystem enables people and organizations to showcase their work, explore new opportunities globally, network with peers, collaborate on work and research, contribute to causes, participate in global events, share knowledge, learn new skills, contribute to building a sustainable future, inspire and be inspired, said the company.  

 Editorial View

We downloaded the application from Play Store to check the UI and it looks really decent, the size of the app is around 26.10 MB and it took decent time to download. By the time we published this story only 100 plus times this app has been downloaded ( this is what says).

Will keep you updated after scrolling through the app and connecting few memebers.

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