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SMEs in India are hesitant to install rooftop solar panels: Deloitte survey

In India several power-consuming small and medium enterprises (SMEs) hesitate to install rooftop solar panels due to perceived performance risks says a survey carried out by Deloitte in collaboration with the CIF. The survey, titled ‘Scaling Up Rooftop Solar in SME Sector in India’, was conducted by across 150 MSMEs in six industrial clusters — […]

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Concessional financing key to solar development in India: CIF Action

Innovative and low-cost financing can play an essential role in promoting sustainable and scalable investment in India’s rooftop solar photovoltaics sector, according to a new report from the Climate Investment Funds and PricewaterhouseCoopers. “Concessional financing like that of CIF’s Clean Technology Fund can have a significant impact on India’s energy landscape and the lives of tens of millions of […]

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