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Larson Electronics Releases Explosion Proof Solar Panel LED 5-Stage Light Tower

Larson Electronics announced the release of an explosion proof 5-stage solar LED light tower that deploys 400 watts of intense LED illumination to heights up to 30 feet.

This light tower features four LED fixtures mounted on top of the 30-foot telescoping light mast and includes four C1D2 solar panels with a 1,000aH capacity battery bank.

The HAL-SPLT-0.76K-500AH-LM30-4X100RD2-DNS explosion proof solar LED light tower features four, 100-watt light fixtures providing 9,500 lumens each, for a total of 38,000 lumens. Each LED has a 110˚ wide flood beam for broad coverage and an adjustable head allowing for 180˚ range of movement. These IP68-rated units are resistant to dust, dirt and humidity with housings made of copper-free, non-sparking, die-cast aluminum alloy and tempered glass lenses that are resistant to impact.

This NEMA 3R rated unit features four, 190-watt solar panels generating a maximum output of 1.06 kW and angled to 45˚ when in use. This solar powered light comes equipped with two Morningstar Class I, Division 2 charge controllers that automatically kill the system when the battery power gets too low, acting as a protection mechanism. This unit features four 250aH 8D batteries in a 1,000aH capacity Class I, Division 2 battery bank, an explosion proof photocell, a battery level indicator, and a manual crank mast mounted on the trailer. The light tower comes with a 0.76 kW solar generator system to recharge the batteries.

This durable solar light tower can run for up to 30 hours on a single charge and features an explosion proof on/off switch to override the photocell. This telescoping steel light mast features five stages that can be extended to 30 feet capable of withstanding winds up to 65 MPH and collapsed to 13.5 feet capable of withstanding winds up to 125 MPH. The tower is made of square steel tubing and features a 1,000 lbs. rated hand winch with 3/16” galvanized steel cable.

The solar light tower is mounted on a 10-foot by 7-foot single axel trailer via six 1/2” anchor bolts. This two-wheel trailer is equipped with 3,500 lbs. axel and leaf springs with 15” trailer tires. Suitable applications for this unit include use in remote work areas, construction sites, military bases, anywhere outdoor lighting is needed, and more.