10 things you should know about MNRE’s quality control order for solar thermal systems

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has floated a draft quality control order for Solar Thermal Systems to ensure standardization of solar components across India’s solar power ecosystem. The MNRE has decided to bring out a quality control order on Solar Thermal Systems/Devices/Components Goods under BIS Act for quality and reliability of these products.

MNRE has already announced the quality control order for Solar Photo Voltaic (SPV) Systems.

As per the order manufacturers, sellers of solar thermal systems will now have to register with BIS to obtain a Standard Mark.

Storage, sale, import or distribution of solar thermal systems by manufacturers or by any individual on behalf of a manufacturer without the Standard Mark is prohibited under the order.

Manufacturers of solar thermal systems meant for exports are exempted from the requirement of applying for a Standard Mark from BIS.

The substandard or defective Goods which do not conform to the Specified Standard of the Schedule shall be deformed beyond use and disposed of as a scrap by the manufacturer or the representative of overseas manufacturer from liaison office or branch office located in India or by any agency authorised by the manufacturer as its authorised representative in the India: Provided that unclaimed consignment of such Goods shall be deformed and disposed of as scrap by such department or agency as may be authorised by the Appropriate Authority.

The Order — Solar Thermal, Systems, Devices and Components Goods (Requirements for Compulsory Registration) Order, 2019 – will come into force a year after its publication in the Official Gazette.

MNRE in the order notes that in order to ensure compliance of the guideline it can seek information along with sample of goods from the manufacturers on the systems any time. The ministry can also inspect the systems at any point in time.

In cases of contravention, the ministry can also search and seize goods.

The ministry notes that where the Goods have different sizes, ratings, varieties, etc., such Goods shall be grouped and may be granted series approval for a Series of products based on testing of representative models.

The sample of Goods of the registered user shall be drawn from his manufacturing unit or from the market by the Appropriate Authority or person authorised by it for ascertaining whether they conform to the Specified Standard. Provided that if required, samples may also be drawn by the Bureau or its authorised representatives

The samples shall be drawn at least once in two years for a product or Series of products covered under the scope of registration granted. The location and the product to be picked up shall be selected randomly

The ministry has invited comments from the general public and the relevant stakeholders by 8 April 2019


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