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GCL and Ocean Sun Signs Partnership Deal at SNEC

GCL System and Ocean Sun has entered into an agreement for the development of a PV module for Ocean Sun’s floating solar solution and floating solar utilities.

The partnership was announced at a signing ceremony held on June 4 at the SNEC during the PV Power Expo 2019.

The floating PV market is a significant growth market. The World Bank has identified a TW potential for floating solar on human-made reservoirs alone.

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The GCL and Ocean Sun technology partnership will optimise a PV module for the floating solution. The reach and production capacity of GCL manufacturing operations will facilitate rapid deployment for Ocean Sun.

“Establishing a technology and development partnership with GCL is a major milestone for Ocean Sun, and will enable optimisation of the technology for large scale deployment. We are very pleased with having GCL as a partner, and look forward to taking floating solar to the next level,” says Øyvind Rohn, CEO and Børge Bjørneklett, Chairman and CTO of Ocean Sun.