Covid 19 Effect- Solar capacity addition in Q2 of 2020 fell to six-year low of 205 MW

A new report from consulting firm Mercom India Research revealed that solar capacity addition in second quarter of 2020 fell to a six-year low of 205 MW, plummeting 86% year-on-year

The report noted that large-scale installations accounts for 59%, while the rest was from rooftop projects.

Since January the total power added was 2.3 GW, out of which coal-fired plants accounted for 13% of new projects in the first half of the year, while 85% came from renewable energy. Wind energy’s share was 14%.

According to the report Rajasthan and Karnataka together accounted for 68% of solar installations in the quarter. Mercom pegs cumulative solar projects online at 37 GW, with an additional 42 GW under construction.

Central Energy Agency (CEA) in a data release last week showed renewable energy generation fell 24% year-on-year.

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