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Budget 2021 Reaction: Anil Gupta, Chairman & MD, KEI Industries Ltd

Anil Gupta, Chairman cum Managing Director, KEI Industries Ltd

Anil Gupta, Chairman & MD, KEI Industries Ltd said : “The prime objective of Budget’21 is to boost and revive the economy that suffered a major setback due to the global pandemic COVID-19 while also increasing the purchasing power of the customers. Allocation of Rs 3.05 lakh crore outlay over 5 years for a more revamped reforms-based power distribution sector scheme will provide assistance to the DISCOMS which further will benefit us in establishing well-defined strategies and plans to generate more demand and ensure smooth power supply. Further, the government’s announcement to boost renewable energy, solar energy corporation to boosting renewable energy development would in turn help us frame the sector very differently and efficiently. Additionally, looking ahead at the zeal to augment the country’s infrastructure with highway, enhancing public transport in urban areas will prove to be beneficial for the overall development of the society and give the much needed boost to manufacturing companies like ours to get back to powering the economy as per pre-covid levels. “