Awkward: Omaxe Group conducts Bike Ride as part of its ‘Go Green Initiative’

The Lake by Omaxe Group, New Chandigarh, hosted a grand bike ride event followed by a tree plantation drive on October 2, 2022.

The event was a part of the Omaxe Group’s ‘Go Green Initiative’ to maintain and preserve the environment, however instead of electric vehicles they opted for vehicles running on fossil fuel to spread the message.

. The event witnessed a group of 50 Harley Davidson riders from the Himalayan Chapter riding the latest tourers and cruisers for planting fruit trees.

Many environmentalist speaking to Climate Samurai said its an embarrassing moment for the group , its just an attempt to be in the spotlight. The company should have opted for electric vehicles to spread the message. This would have also propelled the government’s initiate of cutting down pollution.

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