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JA Solar Establishes New Subsidiary in South Korea to further expand its presence

JA Solar has announced that it establishes a new subsidiary in South Korea to further expand presence in the region. In 2001, JA Solar entered the South Korean market, supplying solar cells to its customers. With excellent product quality, JA Solar has gained significant recognition from customers, and built a solid customer base over the years. In November 2016, JA Solar […]

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JA Solar’s YTD module shipments to India reach 1GW in 2017

JA Solar has announced that the company’s 2017 module shipments to India reached 1GW of capacity year-to-date (YTD). As the second largest solar power manufacturer with 10% share of the market in India, JA Solar has become the fastest growing solar power company in the country for the last two years. The 1GW of modules […]

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