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Daimler, Geely to develop and operate smart brand globally as all electric carmaker

Daimler AG (Daimler) and Zhejiang Geely Holding Group (Geely Holding), the German and Chinese automotive groups recently announced the formation of a 50-50 globally focused joint venture to own, operate and further develop smart, the pioneer of small urban vehicles, as a leader in premium-electrified vehicles. Under the joint venture agreement, a new generation of smart […]

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Daimler launches new DENZA 500 electric vehicle for the Chinese market

Daimler and BYD Automotive Industry Co., Ltd. launched the new DENZA 500 battery electric vehicle from their joint venture, Shenzhen DENZA New Energy Automotive Co., Ltd. for the Chinese market. The company in a statement said, engineered and produced in and for China, the new DENZA 500 offers Chinese customers a comprehensive upgrade through a […]

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Shell with carmakers to offer high-speed charging points for electric vehicles

Royal Dutch Shell has announced to work with some of the world’s biggest carmakers to offer high-speed charging points for electric vehicles in 10 European countries. The company has partnered with top carmakers to deploy ultra-fast charging points on Europe’s highways, stealing a march on rivals in the race to remove one of the biggest […]

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