Mochi Ecoz Collection made from recycled PET bottles, honestly “No animals were harmed”

Mochi Shoes, the sub-brand of Indian footwear retailer Metro Brands, has launched its new sustainable shoes collection titled ‘Ecoz’. Mochi’s Ecoz collection is made from recycled PET bottles.

With the launch of Mochi’s ‘Ecoz’ collection, the company has introduced sustainability by using eco-friendly material to manufacture its footwear. ‘Ecoz’ collection boasts stylish shoes for men made from plastic obtained from discarded PET bottles that is converted into recycled yarn which, in turn, is converted into fabrics.

 Alisha Malik, VP Marketing and Ecommerce Metro Brands Ltd. said “We thought about what we can do as a brand to be more sustainable and came up with this idea to make shoes from recycled plastic. We believe that by recycling the present, we can save the future. The shoes from the Ecoz collection are all about loving the planet so let’s be awesome and save the planet together.”

Shoes from the Ecoz collection are priced at Rs. 2890/- and are versatile enough to be worn for travel, work, date nights and everything in between.

Mochi’s Ecoz collection will be available in 100+ stores across India.

It is worth noting that Mochi is not the first company to use the discarded PET bottles to make shoes.