India’s E-Mobility Gets a Boost as Tork Motors and LOHUM Partner for Sustainable Battery Recycling

Electric motorcycle maker inks multi-year deal to ensure responsible end-of-life management for lithium-ion batteries, paving the way for a closed-loop EV ecosystem in India.

LOHUM, India’s leading provider of sustainable energy transition materials through battery recycling and repurposing, has joined forces with TORK Motors, India’s pioneering electric motorcycle manufacturer, in a landmark partnership for responsible battery lifecycle management.

This multi-year agreement marks a significant step towards a closed-loop EV ecosystem in India. TORK Motors will entrust LOHUM with the collection and recycling of Lithium-ion batteries from their flagship Kratos R electric motorcycles upon end-of-life.

Cementing a Circular Future for Indian E-Mobility

As TORK’s first Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) partner in India, LOHUM will play a crucial role in scaling up a low-carbon EV battery materials supply chain within the country. This collaboration addresses the growing demand for responsible battery management, reducing reliance on mined raw materials and their associated environmental and ethical concerns.

“This partnership synergizes both companies’ vision for circularity to drive the EV revolution and energy transition in India,” said Chetan Jain, LOHUM’s Senior VP of Business Operations. “TORK’s commitment to sustainability perfectly aligns with our mission to provide a closed-loop solution for used EV batteries, fostering a cleaner and more resilient future for Indian mobility.”

Revolutionizing Battery Recycling with Innovation

The agreement leverages LOHUM’s advanced DETX™ future battery buyback price index and NEETM™ multi-stage hydro-metallurgical recycling process. These proprietary technologies ensure efficient and transparent battery recycling, maximizing resource recovery and minimizing environmental impact.

“Our partnership with LOHUM is not just about ensuring proper battery disposal, it’s about building a truly sustainable e-mobility landscape in India,” said Kapil Shelke, Founder & CEO of TORK Motors. “We are proud to be pioneers in responsible battery management, and LOHUM’s expertise will be instrumental in shaping a cleaner and more circular future for the EV industry.”

Setting the Bar for Premium Eco-Conscious Performance

TORK Motors’ Kratos R, renowned for its cutting-edge design and powerful Axial Flux motor, stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to both performance and sustainability. With this partnership, TORK ensures that riders not only experience the thrill of electric commuting but also contribute to a greener future.

This collaboration between LOHUM and TORK Motors marks a turning point in India’s journey towards a responsible and sustainable e-mobility future. By prioritizing closed-loop battery management and resource recovery, these industry leaders are paving the way for a cleaner and more prosperous future for generations to come.