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Fortum expands its EV battery recycling operations with a new mechanical processing plant

In conjunction with the launch of Finland’s national battery strategy, Fortum has announced the further expansion of its battery recycling operations. In February 2021, Fortum will open a new mechanical recycling processing plant located in Ikaalinen, Finland. The new plant, which is expected to employ up to 20 employees, will complement Fortum’s existing hydrometallurgical pilot facility […]

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Fortum, BASF, and Nornickel sign cooperation agreement on battery recycling

Fortum, BASF, and Nornickel have signed a letter of intent to plan a battery recycling cluster in Harjavalta, Finland, serving the electric vehicle market. This would enable a successful “closed loop” cycle to re-use the critical metals present in used batteries. Using metals from recycled batteries to produce battery materials offers significant CO2 reduction in the […]

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Sonia Singh CEO and Co-Founder, Ziptrax Cleantech

Hi Sonia, please share with our readers about Ziptrax Clean Tech and what exactly you are doing at Ziptrax? Ziptrax currently collects and recycles Li-ion batteries from E-mobility and Stationary Energy Storage and hence bring the lifecycle management of lithium ion battery into the circular economy. At the end of the useful life of Li-ion […]

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