Nova Dairy and Solidaridad Regional Expertise Centre Initiate Transformative Program in Fatehabad, Uttar Pradesh

Transformative program focuses on climate-smart practices, boosting farmer welfare and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In 2021, Nova Dairy partnered with Solidaridad Regional Expertise Centre to …

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Five things to know when COP28 Climate Talks Extend Overtime Amid Fossil Fuel Phasing Debate

Global divisions persist as nations navigate negotiations on fossil fuel language in summit’s final text.Here are the five things that you should know about the …

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climate people street crowd

International Aluminium Institute Takes Bold Step in Greenhouse Gas Reduction Initiative

Major Players Unite at COP 28 to Track and Disclose Ambition and Progress The International Aluminium Institute (IAI) has unveiled a groundbreaking initiative at the …

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The Global Impact of Carbon Credit Programs on Climate Change

How carbon credits work, their market size and growth, worldwide initiatives, and dual role in addressing climate change The global climate crisis demands innovative solutions …

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Kishan Karunakaran, Founder and CEO, Buyofuel

Buyofuel Launches Sustainability Dashboard to Measure Environmental Impact of Biofuels

The biofuel marketplace introduces innovative tool to quantify the positive effects of clean energy adoption. Buyofuel has revolutionized the biofuels sector with the introduction of …

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Melting Glaciers

Dire Warning: Arctic Summer Sea Ice Faces Extinction by 2030s, New Study Reveals

Even with Climate Efforts, Global Warming Threatens Arctic Ice Melt, Impacts Global Ecosystems Despite Global Efforts, Arctic Summer Sea Ice on the Brink of Extinction …

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Unlocking the Benefits of Carbon Credits for a Sustainable Future

Picture an earth where urban landscapes intertwine with verdant oases, every bus or train runs on unblemished energy, and industries conduct business with negligible ecological …

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